ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Full Face Motorcycle Helmet​: QUICK OVERVIEW




Ease of Use

What We Like

  • Bluetooth integration
  • Anti-noise microphone
  • Weather resistant
  • High-quality speakers
  • Aerodynamic design

What We Don't Like

  • Noise in windy condition
  • Poorly designed sun visor
  • Unavailability of small and X-small sizes

Built for someone wishing to stay updated with meeting briefs 24×7 or seeking to explore new adventure, the ILM Bluetooth helmet is a must buy for him/her. Also, understanding how safety comes first, ILM brand has met and exceeded DOT and ECE standards with their Bluetooth helmet.

The flip-up full face headgear is rich with inbuilt unbelievably good speakers, intercom feature, one-touch feature, and noise suppression technology. To know more about how good it is as promised; let us unravel ILM helmet review.

ILM launched a Bluetooth integrated helmet in 2015 which weighs only 4.4 pounds. Available in three colors (matte black, white, and red); the versatile modular full-face helmet can guarantee safety and communication simultaneously.

ILM helmet review indicates that the durable shell has an aerodynamic design which reduces dragging or lifting at a high speed. Also, the internal visor can easily be adjusted with a switch and the external visor is scratch resistant.

Moreover, saving the rider from shock, the helmet is DOT approved and the visors are ECE certified. Therefore, the generous amount of padding and EPS make it a great choice for wearing in any weather condition.

Who is this helmet for?

Bluetooth 3.0 technology, GPS navigation link, and intercom features make ILM headgear ideal for outdoor activities. As you can talk up to 8 hours via Bluetooth, you can stay connected with anyone on the road.

Apart from communicating with fellow riders through the intercom facility, the ILM helmet review suggests the gear like a good one for white-collar workers. In this way, you can remain updated while running late for a meeting.

What’s Included?

After unboxing the package, you will notice the head protector inside a bag. The cover comes handy if you want to protect the helmet from dust or retain the new shine to it.

It comes with a user manual guide that provides a thorough knowledge of maintaining and cleaning, adjusting panel control, and pairing with GPS, smartphone, or intercom headset.  The required 1 lithium-ion batteries are already present in the box; hence, no need of buying separately.

ILM helmet review has found out that the accessory box contains other important products including micro USB cable and portable USB charger. Additionally, the replacement visor face shield is present for offering high-definition transmissivity.

Overview of Features

ILM Helmet Review

ILM helmet review marks the headgear providing a brilliant performance and meeting convenience to the next level. The uncomplicated design attracts a large scale of people and makes it easy to use due to the properly placed buttons.

Primarily, certifying the excellent level of comfort and protection, the washable feature is stunning. Though a little tip – if you do not use the Bluetooth for a long time, it goes into sleep mode and can be revived after charging for half an hour.


The fully integrated Bluetooth intercom system can let you interact with a person within 1000 feet. There is one touch control, through which you can reject, call, redial, or answer an incoming call.

The quality inbuilt speakers make sure that rider receives crystal clear sound at high speed, thanks to DSP Echo cancellation. Also, the chances of getting lost in rough terrain are null due to the functional GPS navigation audio.  


ILM helmet emphasizes the remarkable ventilation system which can be adjusted as per your requirement. There is a microfiber lining feature which eliminates the persisting odor from the inside.

Therefore, the three adjustable air vents prepare the headgear to bear any weather conditions. On the contrary, ample ventilation creates an issue with noise control; especially when it is super windy.

Again, the ventilation feature brands the helmet to be a comfortable choice during summer days or long rides. The airflow is a huge positive factor.

How to Pair Smartphone with ILM Helmet

ILM helmet review has come up with the full course on how to pair the Bluetooth device with your smartphone. Take a look at the following steps,

  • Go to settings and turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  • For six seconds, press and hold the MFB button until you can see blue and red flashes.
  • Select the ‘add new device’ option. If ‘BM2-S’ is shown on your smartphone, choose it.
  • Enter the original code ‘0000’, if necessary.
  • The pairing should be done. And from the next time, your phone will be automatically paired with the Bluetooth device.


ILM helmet review has come across that the sun visor is not engineered properly and the foggy situation is a headache to many. Regarding this matter, the Hawk H-500 helmet is a better option for being equipped with a multi-density EPS structure and anti-fog clear visor.

However, the Bluetooth technology is not impressive for not providing a wide range. The elegant design is a brownie point but the audio quality does not satisfy all.

Nevertheless, IV2 Falcon 967 Bluetooth is another option that is affordable and geared with retractable visor. The sleek and stylish helmet is comfortable to use and the aerodynamic design can limit noise like the ILM product.

Moreover, the retractable inner sun visor, chin strap, and weatherproof adjustments keep are effective features. But the visor may act unpredictably at times.


There are many helmets in the market with Bluetooth integration but the ILM helmet review fetches better points for being under $200. In addition, the overall performance and technology features keep the helmet far ahead than others in the competition.

Only keeping aside the visor issue and size chart problem, ILM confirms high functionality and quality even on the rocky trails. Hence, the helmet is a great choice for everyone while being worth every penny.

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