How to Mount GoPro on Motorcycle Helmet

How to Mount GoPro on Motorcycle Helmet

When you are ready to set for your latest adventure on the steep hillside roads, you need something to capture each exhilarating moment. At present, no other camera device than GoPro can do just in keeping the memories intact on the go.

However, you are unsure about how to mount GoPro on a motorcycle helmet and too lazy to follow the tutorials. For letting you relive the memories and gathering footage for your vlog, here’s our guide to mount GoPro on a scorpion modular helmet.

Customizing Motorcycle Helmets with GoPro

Apart from the chest mount, the helmet mount is the most popular way to customize your own motorcycle helmet. This classic gives out stable images while the body is rattling and jumping on the track.

The preference of mounting the device differs – some put it under the visor when some love it on top of the helmets. In either way, the guide on how to mount GoPro on motorcycle helmet implies that the angle should be right and hands must be showing for their actions.

Materials to Collect

The process of how to mount GoPro on Motorcycle helmet is incomplete without these ingredients,

  • Curved or flat GoPro adhesive mount (based on scorpion modular helmet surface)
  • White rubber anti-vibration locking plug
  • GoPro quick release buckle
  • Isopropyl rubbing alcohol
  • Pencil (for making and finding the center)
  • Measuring tape
  • Clamping tool

Steps to Follow

Instead of racking brain on how to mount GoPro on a motorcycle helmet, abide by these steps,

  • Decide where you want to attach the adhesive mount (center, front, sides, and top center spots are recommended).
  • Choose front and center for taking shooting self-portrait or forward-facing POV (point-of-view) footage.
  • Determine if you need a curved or flat adhesive mount. For putting on the curve of the helmet, the curved one is the best choice.
  • To reduce the post-production hassle, keep the GoPro in the center. Find out two symmetrical spots which are fairly spaced apart. Repeat to make two lines and crossing point.
  • Make sure the surface is clean and free of oil or dirt. Clean it with 50:50 solution of water and isopropyl alcohol and towel or cloth.
  • Take the adhesive mount and slowly apply to the center. Put pressure on it with hands.
  • Use the C-clamps or spring clamps for sustaining the pressure.
  • Attach the GoPro to the mounting joints and keep it rolling.

Also, you can use a mobile app to check how effective the placement is along with the view. Velcro or strap can also serve as substitutions for adhesive and customize your own motorcycle helmet in a quirky way.

Important Tips on how to Mount GoPro on Motorcycle Helmet

To know all about customizing motorcycle helmets and earning millions of video subscribers, take a look at the following aspects.

Find the Right Angle and Customize your own Motorcycle Helmet

Customizing Motorcycle Helmets

The prime reason for mounting the camera on a scorpion modular helmet is to present the travel story through your eyes. On the contrary, mounting on the back of the headgear can capture the riders trailing behind you.

  • Top mounting does not let the vibrations affect the image quality. Though it can clip tree branches while riding.
  • Chin mounting may be tricky when the scorpion modular helmet is angular but it has an aerodynamic profile, unlike other spots.
  • Side mounting can lower profile than top mounting and it very close actual point-of-view. However, too much head motion is a disadvantage.

The guide on how to mount GoPro on motorcycle helmet indicates that you should experiment with different spots for getting smooth shots or accurate angles.

Mounting it upside down on Scorpion Modular Helmet

Go upside down with the camera while finding out how to mount GoPro on motorcycle helmet. In this non-traditional way, you can get unique angles and not embarrassing footage.

Especially, when the device is mounted upside down, it can fight against big jolt and gravity. Of course, the footage will not be upside down if the orientation is changed or flipped at the time of editing.

Procure Duct Tape for Customizing Motorcycle Helmets

It is always better to have alternative options because you may forget the GoPro screws or adhesive. The duct tape can serve as a trip-saving solution as you can stick the device to any part of the scorpion modular helmet.

Another bright side of following this solution in ‘how to mount GoPro on motorcycle helmet’ is that the tape can reduce shakes and vibrations.

Last Minute Takeaway

How to mount GoPro on motorcycle helmet is not a confusing matter because once you collect the materials, you are good to go. Make sure, you pick up the right size helmet and then have the camera mounted for saving the whole adventure in a film forever.

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