HJC CL 17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

HJC CL 17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review

HJC CL 17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: HJC CL-17




Ease of Use

What We Like

  • Lightweight
  • Round or neutral shape
  • Good ventilation
  • Advanced technology

What We Don't Like

  • Narrower visor
  • Noise due to vents
  • Pinlock system sold separately

Geared up with ACS advanced channeling ventilation system, CAD technology, and anti-scratch shield, HJC-CL 17 is an improved version of HJC CL-16. Moreover, the reasonable price and brilliant design can set the seal on cozy long rides.

As the riders are always exposed to the danger of unforeseen accidents, the abundant padding of this helmet can save a rider’s skull completely. In addition to the context, HJC CL-17 review is here to present how the safe and secure bike riding has become for a beginner or maestro.

Launched in 2013, the DOT certified full-face headgear is highly relevant for regular use even in 2019. Available in different colors (matte black, wine, matte anthracite, black etc) and weighing only 5 pounds, HJC CL-17 can be the best buy of 2019 for many.

Generally, most of the population has a round oval head shape and this CL-series helmet fits best for such head shape. Also, the excellent ventilation and price range under $150 are the reasons we are impressed with it.

Who is This Product for?

The wide range of sizes (X-small, small, medium, large, X-large, etc) accommodate a large scale of people and it proves to be a good helmet for beginners. Regardless of what you ride, the HJC CL-17 review is helpful for sports motorcycle, cruiser motorcycle, scooter, and touring motorcycle owners. 

Even if you have to ride a quad bike, four-wheeler, quad, or four-track, the armor can provide the best level of protection to every all-terrain vehicle user. Additionally, the SNELL certified head protector is effective for executing tasks in a utility vehicle safely.

What’s Included

Upon unboxing the helmet, you will notice the headgear to be cushioned with bubble wrap and Styrofoam. Take out your brand new HJC-CL 17 out of the covering bag.

There is a user manual about how to put on the helmet.  Also, in the front face, the advanced features are highlighted.

The mentioned features are fruitful for people adjusting the settings which are different for the traditional setting. In the back, the DOT and SNELL certification signs are also revealed.

Furthermore, bike enthusiasts can find channeling technology very easy to grasp with the simple diagram drawn in the front. 

Overview of Features

HJC CL 17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The interesting build, surplus padding, and ample ventilation are the prime features but the HJC CL-17 review expands to more than the basics.


HJC CL-17 review indicates that the advanced polycarbonate composite shell is responsible for making the headgear extremely lightweight. The latest technology makes sure that neck pain is or any discomfort is not an issue even riding for hours.

Also, the CAD technology offers superior fit and aggressive lines incorporate with the sharp modern look. The flawless matte finish looks fabulous outside while the interior is protected with removal yet anti-bacterial and moisture-free fabric.

ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System

This advanced feature confirms complete airflow through the top vents along with the chin ventilation system. The top vents are likely to lock up tight and in this way, rainwater does not enter.

It is to note that the lower vents and top vents are adjustable and chin vent is more efficient in controlling airflow.  The detachable breath deflector enhances the air flow in the face shield.

There are 3 small spots in the lower portion designated for the chin curtain. As the basic rear exhaust is effective, HJC CL-17 review marks the ventilation as above average.


The anti-scratch pin lock system is one of the much-talked topics for presenting 95% UV protection. It improves the riding experience with side-to-side visibility; needless to say, the biker can get a better view of the dashboard or road.

There is also the Rapid Fire Shield Replacement System which requires tool-less installation or removal for keeping up the operation smoothly. It is also very fast and easy to maintain; hence, any beginner can use it.

How to Prevent Fogging in HJC CL-17

The narrow visor and continuous fogging can be problematic at night. In this matter, it is better to purchase anti-fog wipers or inserts for anti-fog protection.

The shield limits all the chances of the helmet getting foggy but you should remember to reapply every few days. Nevertheless, you purchase a pin lock visor separately because it prevents moisture build-up.

Also, the bubble of air between the main visor and pin lock visor warms the prime visor. Hence, the glass surface is not occupied with fogging incidents anymore.

HJC CL-17 review finds that the pin lock system is effective and sufficient ventilation keeps the visor completely moisture-free.


The beneficial air flowing system has its drawback because the continuous noises can distract you on the road. As the HJC CL-17 review points out that the noise can be out of controls at times, you can take a look at Arai RX-7V which is exceptionally quiet.

The latter has a smooth exterior which reduces wind noise in an effective way. Again, there is Schuberth C3 Pro, a full face helmet that is capable of keeping the turbulence at the lowest level.

Shoei Neotec Helmet has a unique design that can keep the noises out at high speeds in a subtle way. The chin curtain can get rid of turbulence and then it becomes pure bliss to ride.


When HJC CL-17 is delivered at your doorstep, check whether it has a snug fit (not too loose, not too tight). However, this particular headgear is capable of maximizing comfort and preventing heat or moisture build up.

The pinlock system is likely to increase visibility at night or in foggy weather while guaranteeing a high level of protection. Henceforth, if you are looking for a full face helmet for any purpose under $200, this is an ideal option.  

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