1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet Review

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet Review

1Storm Motorcycle Helmet: QUICK OVERVIEW




Ease of Use

What We Like

  • Passed DOT safety standards
  • Lightweight
  • Glossy finish
  • Protection from hard reflection and UV rays
  • Reasonable price

What We Don't Like

  • Issues with visor tint
  • Different sizing chart

The glossy yet simple look of the DOT certified dirt bike helmet features brilliant shield protection and quality material. It can guard the riders against UV rays with its special finish.

Also, the helmet is lightweight due to the use of aerodynamic thermoplastic material while making it easy to ride down the city streets at a low speed. To explore more about other features, go through the full 1Storm motorcycle helmet review.

1Storm has launched a wide range of colorful helmets (orange, red, brown, green, blue, black etc) in 2015 and since then, the product has secured a strong place in the market for its affordable price. The simple design and glossy touch instill an intense look while the protector keeps up safety values.

The flip helmet abides by the practicality of protection and saves your hundreds of dollars for being even under $100. 1Storm motorcycle helmet review has found out that the helmet has useful features like washable padding making it more convenient to use on a regular basis.

Also, comparing the price range, the headgear is technologically advanced with UV technology. Therefore, you can derive immense pleasure while riding casually around.

Who is this for?

1Storm motorcycle helmet review suggests that the lightweight head protector is perfect for roaming around the urban streets. It gives a serene sense of liberty to the rider for being equipped with an aerodynamic design.

If you own a dirt bike or motocross, you should go for it. Even a bicycle owner can enjoy the cheap and comfortable protector on the go.

Also, the flip-up helmet is available in various sizes – extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large. In the end, it can be said that any beginner taking the off-road can feel safe with the strong build gear.

What’s Included?

After opening the package, 1Storm motorcycle helmet review team has found a bag with a 1Storm logo on it. The protective bag is useful in storing the headgear at your home or outside.

However, most of the helmet brands provide a user manual guide which was missing in the box.

Overview of Features

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

According to 1Storm motorcycle helmet review, this reasonably priced head protector is lightweight and highly functional. The durable full face helmet comes with a chin strap having 2 rectangular buckles instead of snap-on style.

Removable Padding

Making the helmet easy to use for everyone, the washable and detachable sufficient padding is comfortable. However, in the tropical condition or summertime, the padding requires frequent cleaning. 

The padding, of course, cushions your faces even if the product is on the verge of getting worn out. In addition to the context, removable cushions reduce bacterial growth and prevent odor.

Waterproof Gear

It is intolerable to ride in pouring rain; especially when water gets inside the helmet. The constructive mechanism of internal visor restricts water to bother you while biking.

Quality Material

1Storm motorcycle helmet review indicates that the product is designed with a thermoplastic alloy which makes it very lightweight. Moreover, this choice of material can tolerate heavy impact while running for the long haul.

Naturally, there is less drag when you are riding at high speeds or on rough trails. Of course, your skull is fully protected as guaranteed by DOT approval.

Flip up Design

The external shield leads to generous ventilation and it makes scopes for snack breaks. Therefore, you need not put off your helmet every time for eating snacks in a long ride.

The flip-up design proves to be versatile and the integrated sun shield visor saves your eyes from harmful UV rays. Furthermore, any rider can retract vision at nights.

Shield Protection

The clear shield enables the riders to shut outside noise or engine noise when you are on the road. Also, you can steer clear of strong wind noise which can be distracting.

1Storm motorcycle helmet review agrees that the penetrating rain splashes do not bother the internal side and you can wear the helmet in any weather condition.

How to Choose Right Size of Helmet

Many riders have come across that the sizing chart does not provide a snug fit for everyone. In most of the cases, the helmet fits too tightly because of being a smaller size than regular sizes.

Therefore, it is better to measure your head circumference with a tape and then choose 1Storm helmet accordingly. Put the tape measure above your eyebrows and mid-forehead while making sure the largest portion is counted.

When the helmet size is determined, put on the helmet. Then move the head side to side for checking whether the headgear is too large or has ample space.

For example, if your head circumference is 21.1 inch, you should go with 1Storm’s small-sized helmet. Generally, this particular size is categorized under extra small size according to standard measures.


1Storm full face helmet has a drawback – the visor tint is thin and it could have been better. During this period, a rider may suffer discomfort.

For this reason, you can go with MMG’s full face helmet $50 which has wide visor field and clear windshield. Also, this one is designed with anti-scratch technology which is not available in 1Storm.

In case, if you wish to shed more bucks (though under $100); you can go with Vega VRX dirt bike helmet which has EPS technology. The ECE certified headgear is equipped with vented visor replacing 1Storm’s issue.


1Storm motorcycle helmet review suggests that this model is simply for someone who is in search of a full face helmet at a low price. There are spots to setup Bluetooth speakers but the loud helmet can be a headache.

Going through all the features; especially, the UV technology, this versatile full face headgear is a fruitful purchase. On top of it, the glossy touch is another attraction.

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